Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Better late then never!

I learned a lot about Christmas tradition in Poland. The only image I have that I can share from Christmas is the tree above. Enjoy! But this post is about bringing in the New Year in Poland.

Just the Two of us Bringing in the New Year

We had an amazing New Years Eve. We did absolutely nothing. I was able to stay up until 0130 hours and I woke my husband up at midnight. Girl has to get a Kiss, “it’s tradition.” Yes I just quoted Ever After.

I’ve never seen fireworks so close and I loved every moment of bringing in the New Years in Poland.

I had a healthy dose of home sickness as well. I was missing (still am) my parents and Grandparents. This is the longest I have ever been away from my family. There is something about a hug from Mom or Grandma that just makes the World a safe place no matter what. To help with my home sickness I made a big helping of Jambalaya one day. My husband made a pork roast with mash potatoes and mushroom gravy. It was AMAZING!

Of course I will share pictures of the two dishes. Here they are:

As you can see we still had our Christmas tablecloth on the table. Both dishes turned out really well. The following week we had snow and I was still off from work. We enjoyed fire in the Fireplace and a few new television shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I also created snow sharks chasing after a surfer in my front yard.

It has been an interesting start to the New Year. I’ve never had snow for winter and still enjoying it when it snows. My husband who is from Poland doesn’t see it the same way I do. Plus me throwing snowballs while he is trying to shovel doesn’t help.

From our Family to yours Happy New Year everyone! Be safe and enjoy life.



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