How to Pack

When it came to us moving we decided to sell all our furniture and large appliances. That made things a lot easier. Originally we were going to use shipping boxes but my dad recommended that we use toolbox crates. They are much larger and can withstand a lot more.


The crate above is one of the toolbox crates we used. It was free from my parents, however my Dad purchased it from HomeDepot for less than $100. It is approx 4 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft (That is a rough estimate). When we returned to HomeDepot we were unable to find anymore toolbox crates. Ended up going to Lowes and purchasing rolling cart toolbox (see image below).

We bought three and they were $58 a piece. We loved the fact that it had wheels and a handle (trust me it will come in use!). After we purchased the toolbox it came down to packing what was needed.

If you do decide to purchase the above crate you won’t be able to put looks on them. We highly recommend you purchase zipties as well. Our last purchase from Lowes was bubble wrap for both large items and small items. The bubble wrap will set you back from $10 to $23 per roll depending on which one you choose.

Since we were on a budget we decided to purchase four of the $10 rolls. We used all of the bubble wrap for the items that were placed into the four crates.

When you’re packing make sure you keep a list of EVERYTHING and their estimated value that you’re placing in your crates. You will need this information to ship your crates to Poland, but that is a different article.

Leave your comments and questions below and I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

Good Luck!


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