Made it through the Winter

Made it through the Winter

We made it through my first Polish winter! It was A-MAZING!!! There were some up days and some down days but for the most part it was great.

We traveled to Prague, Czech for our 11 year anniversary and had a wonderful time. I highly recommend the Golden Apartments near the cathedral. Getting there from the airport was about a 20 minute drive by taxi. We took myTaxi from the airport and back to the airport. That was the only time we were in a taxi in Prague. Everything was in reasonable walking distance.

We know next time we go we will stay on the other side of the bridge. We didn’t get to visit that side to much because we were busy taking in all the sites on the Cathedral side.

The weather was much much warmer in Prague then in Warsaw. I was thankful for the break of snow. However, our last snow day in 2017 was May 13th. Yup, it snowed in May…

Here are a few lessons I learned:


  • Purchase your firewood in the Summer
  • Try to buy winter clothes at the beginning of Spring
  • Get your winter jacket dried cleaned prior to needing it.
  • Beware of moths! We have a serious moth problem in our home and I hate the smell of moth balls. Spent a good amount of time killing moths and shaking out my clothes. I don’t really see any moths during the summer moths, but during the winter they are hell. During the summer we have fruit flies. It probably isn’t as bad if you live in the city. Our home is situated in the middle of an apple and cherry orchard. SMACK DAB in the middle.
  • Invest in snow tires for your car. It will be a great investment in the long run.
  • Get your car ready for cold weather. Switch out the window wash fluid to winter fluid.. YIKES! You don’t want frozen window shields.
  • Be prepared to not see the sun for over a week.
  • Beware of air quality!!! This is huge… Poland has a horrible pollution problem during the winter. With many homes still using coal fireplaces and heating units, or just burning their trash… The smell will take some getting used to if you’ve never smelt coal being burned.
  • Keep food, water, batteries, and candles on reserve. Our power only went out once or twice during the winter. Thankfully we have two fireplaces and were able to keep almost the entire house at a nice temperature. We also have solar lights, batteries, gas stove, and water. But you never know. Always better to be over prepared then under prepared.

Winter in Poland was lovely. Would recommend it to anyone that asks.



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