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The Food!!!

Polish Food is Wonderful!

When you think about Polish food most people think of Pierogi. Pierogi are delicious, but there is much much more. My favorite Polish dish is Bigos. Bigos is a “Hunter’s Stew” that has rich flavoring from the meats and cabbage that are within the dish. When I say rich, I mean RICH! My husband cooks his Bigos stew for two days. I have seen recipes call for it to take only 1 hour and I wonder if the flavoring would be the same. When he cooks it he uses the largest pot in our kitchen (can fit a large turkey) and it simmers for two days. During this time our house has a deliciously aroma. I Love it! The color comes out a very dark brown almost black.


My second favorite dish in Poland is Paszteciki. My mother-in-law makes these for every major party. They are wonderful little snacks that you can just pop into your mouth as other items are cooking. Pass the Paszteciki!

Soup anyone? My favorite soup is Zurek! If you haven’t noticed I crave sour. Something about eating Polish food for the past ten years has be craving sour dishes. Zurek is a sour soup usually accompanied with a hard boiled egg, potatoes and white sausage.

I’ve eaten Zurek in both a regular bowl and a bread bowl. Either works for me, but the bread bowl added that special treat  after the soup was gone.  I recommend the hard boiled egg, even though I am not a huge fan of hard boiled egg. Finally, the white sausage is most!

Soups on!

Never to cold for ice-cream. Well maybe in Poland it is. Polish ice-cream is very good. The ice-cream that we have tried taste like my grandma’s homemade ice-cream. Which I believe in her ice-cream there are only five ingredients (which I can’t say because one is a family secret). Ice-cream and cup cakes are what I want to have if trapped on a deserted island. Oh and a knife and flint, but that is a whole other article. I really don’t know how to describe the ice-cream other than it is really good. No chaulkie after taste, just cream and sugar. My favorite polish ice-cream is dark cherry. mmmmmm – I am doing a “Homer” drool just think of it.

There are many many wonderful deciduous to be discovered in Poland! I know I have only scratched the surface when it comes to Polish dishes. But I am up to the challenge. I am ready to try more. Below are a few honorable mentions.

  • Golabki – Cabbage roll stuffed with meat and rice with a red sauce.
  • Kapuska – Made different ways depending on the season. The one I enjoy has tomatoes and grounded up giblets.
  • Flaki Soup – White tripe Soup. Similar to white menudo.
  • Potatoe Pancakes – Very good, but have to be careful because of the starch and cholesterol.
  • Apple Pancakes – I never had apple pancakes like my Mother-in-law makes them here. We are surrounded by apple orchards and have time to make a lot of different apple dishes.
  • Paczki – Polish Donut. Known for the rose filling. Who knew that roses not only smell great but taste delicious as a dessert.








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