Polish immigration

Polish Immigrations

I married a Pole!!!

Ten years later we moved to Poland… This information is Immigration process based on Marriage. There are other types of processes to immigrating to Poland i.g. student, work, etc. But I don’t have experience with those.

Two hours of sleep under my belt and we were off to our new Adventure! Poland!

BUT BEFORE YOU LEAVE! Make sure you pack and bring with you on your carry on…

  • United States Passport – Self Explanatory… Truly you need a passport… If you don’t know this already you have bigger problems
  • Two certified copies of your Birth Certificate and if you have kids theirs as well.
  • Two certified copies of your Marriage License.
  • Two years of tax records (you can save it to TurboTax if you use them).
  • Create a cyber mailbox to have your mail forwarded to. It is about $5 per month to maintain and you can choose what items to trash, scan, or have forwarded to you in Poland.
  • Download and fill out the Immigration Temporary Resident Visa application. Upon arrival to Poland (within a week of your arrival) call to make an appointment. This statement is mainly true if you’re living or staying around the Warsaw immigration office. They have about a three month wait for all appointments. You can enter into Poland for 90 days, but if you plan on staying longer you will need to get a Visa. My visa information is based on being married to a Pole.

Once in Poland, you will need to get your Birth Certificate and Marriage Licenses translated by a Certified Translator. You will need the original copies of both your Birth Certificate and Marriage License along with the translations when you submit your application for marriage certificate in Poland. Visit your City Clerk and register your marriage under Polish Law. Registration can take anywhere from a week to three months. Therefore, plan ahead. You will need your Polish Marriage license, along with your marriage license when applying for your Resident Visa.

The Application Process

Remember that remark I made about scheduling an appointment. I hope you scheduled an appointment! Matter of a fact when you have to visit the Polish Immigration Office in Warsaw ALWAYS try to schedule an appointment or you’ll be faced with the below image!

When you get your appointment make sure you have all the necessary documents you will need for your application. You can find out what you will need on the Polish Immigration website. They also have an online application that you can fill and print out. Although, the application is translated to English – make sure your answers are in Polish. The process from start to finish can take up to six months. The sooner you get this process started, the better.

Missed the Appointment Window

If you missed your appointment window you can always take your application down, with your supporting documents, and photos to:

  • Point Admission Correspondence Mazowiecki Provincial Office, pl. Banking 3/5, Room 39, entrance B

office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00

  • Ciechanow Street. 17 January 7, ground floor, room 10
  • in Plock. 3 Maja 16, ground floor, room 10
  • in Siedlce, ul. Pilsudski 38, ground floor, room 14
  • in Ostroleka Street. Gorbatowa 15, ground floor, room 46B

office hours: Monday 10: 00-17: 30 Tuesday – Friday 8:00 – 15:30

You don’t need an appointment at these locations. You will have to go in and drop off your applications (4 copies of the application + 4 photos + supporting documents). It is a good idea to print of five copies and get a stamp as a receipt and proof that you’ve begun the immigration process.

Good Luck with your immigration process… Please leave me a note if you have any questions.


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