Polish Vets!

I loved out old vet in Rancho Cordova, but we couldn’t bring him with us. We’ve had to take both animals to the vet since moving to Poland. Monster (our cat) had an eye infection and bladder infection, and Cleo (our dog), well she is just a mess.

  • Cleo has eye problems
  • Cleo had an ear infection

Upon arrival to Poland we realized that she ripped out the back fur on her hip from anxiety. It is permanently scared and won’t grow back.

We are almost three months here and Cleo loves Poland more than me (if that is possible).


She also loves the play mate that comes over occasionally. For Monster, it took a little longer for her to call Poland home…She is finally starting to go downstairs and explore but still prefers to hide in the closet, sunbath on our bed, or sit on the windowsill talking to birds. But I got off track. In the United States our vet was one in a million (in my opinion). The vet clinics are driven by money and fees for basic needs are through the roof. Here are the total cost of our vet visits:

  • Monster – Eye infection – $14
  • Monster – Bladder infection $20
  • Cleo – Breathing problems/anxiety – $0
  • Cleo – Ear infection and Eye infection -$45

It makes having animals that need to visit the vet a much easier process. We have an appointment this up coming week with an eye specialist for Cleo’s eyes. Hopefully we can slow down the process of this hereditary disorder. Wish us Luck!


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