Honest Review of Ariton Services (Polish Shipping Company)

Honest Review of Ariton Services (Polish Shipping Company)

The Trip Down

For our move across the world we used Ariton Services, based out of Glendale California. We spoke to the owner “Ziggy” during the entire process. That was a plus – he instructed us to call the night before to verify there was still room, which we did. The next morning we woke up at 3 am and started the 6 hour haul from Northern California to Southern California. My dad let us use his 2014 Ford 350 extended cab and bed. IT WAS FUN (Truck girl at heart)!! We loaded that baby up with four large crates and were off. The drive down to Southern California was pretty nice.

We only had to stop once and that was for breakfast and to add more diesel to our tank.

Once we arrived in Southern California Ariton Services wasn’t very easy to find. We called and spoke to Ziggy and he helped us located his office. Once we arrived he took a look at our items and informed us that we would have to wait two weeks for the next shipment. He put the blame on us, which I accept half of. I don’t believe I was clear when I informed him that we were bringing large crates, oh and a bicycle box. He also told us we would have to remove all the looks on our crates because of United States Customs and Polish Customs. Instead he recommended tapping the looks shut. If we had zip ties I would have zip tied those babies and tapped extra on the side with instructions to US Customs to add the new ones. They will some times do this. It all depends if you get a nice Officers checking your belongings. Since we didn’t have zip ties we used tap and prayed all items would reach us in Warsaw. The cost to ship all items was $500. Because we were relocating, we claimed this on our customs form. Make sure to make an itemized list of EVERYTHING you’re shipping to Poland.

Already in Poland

Fast forward to mid July! We’ve already been living in Poland for about a month and our items arrived. Remember how I said we used my Dad’s truck to transport the items down to Southern California? No such luxury here. We found a couple that was just starting their moving company on our Warsaw Facebook Expat group and hired them. They brought there van down to us on the same day of order and cost us 200 pln to transport from Warsaw to our home. One of the crates wouldn’t fit in their van and had to be put into our vehicle.

Turns out Ariton Services is a smaller shipping company for a larger one in Chicago (PolAmr). They are the shipping company to Poland. It was a very easy process to sign for our belongings and collect them. Of course those clouds in the picture decided to dump some Summer rain on us. But only while we loaded the vehicles.


Overall it was a good experience! We give them 4 of 5 stars. Took one star away from the little glitch with our shipping. However, everything worked out in the end.

If you’re on the West Coast of the United States we recommend using Ariton Services for your shipping needs to Poland.


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