Temporary Resident Card

Temporary Resident Card

It Has Arrived!

Right before Christmas I received my Temporary Resident Card for Poland. Talk about excitement!


Oh Shit – Temporary Resident Card Appointment!

There was one glaring error that the Polish government made. The way they contacted me to inform me of my appointment to get my card. They sent the details of my appointment in a text message. There wasn’t any information posted on the online status page. I am thankful that I signed up for the text messages with my phone company or I would have missed our appointment.

If you’re applying for your temporary resident card for the first time, it will automatically expire after one year. However, we were told that the process for another card is much much easier moving forward.

I am very thankful to have received my card. Compared to my husband getting his Resident Visa for the United States. The Polish process was much faster and cheaper. Regarding organization the United States hits it out of the ballpark. I hope by this time next year the process is more streamlined and user friendly.

Cheers to everyone that has gone through the process, is going through the process, or planning on going through the process.


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